mural – enamel paint over treated surface, 1986 – present

Located at Northside Metrorail Station: 3150 NW 79 Street Miami, FL
Growing up near the Northside Metrorail Station, I had the privilege of encountering his massive 1986 mural on a nearly daily basis. Located on the interior of the station’s entrance wall, and is best viewed from the escalators as well as the station’s mid-level platform.

The mural is dedicated to the workers who built the Metrorail, and is a fantastic documentation in a unique period of Miami’s urban development. Above the mural is a short horizontal banner featuring human figures walking across, and the expansive space is dynamic and invigorating.

Train tracks and concrete columns form vertical and horizontal axes; the painting is overcrowded with trucks, human figures, and horses (symbols of freedom). Overall, there exists a frenetic sense of movement amid the muddied colors. While there is no clear destination for one to direct their eyes, there is an undeniable sense of exhilaration. website > 1984 – still intact