painted 1996 – still intact

“A coup-de-grace. An innate sense of the most formal elements of art. Color and line are handled with seasonal finesse. Balance and unity abound, where images segue from sides to hood, to roof to bumpers, in the smoothest of transition.” Art Beat, Arnold Simon, Critic


Make: Datsun
Model: #411
Designer: Pinan Farina, Italy
Year: 1964 (Design), 1967 (Release)
I.D.#: RL411-007516
Body: 4-door Sedan
Engine: 4 cylinder
Weight: Approx. 2,000 lbs.
– Length 158″
– Height 56″
– Width 58″

Comments: Car’s exterior treated for rust spots prior to artist painting on it. Interior is black vinyl and is in impeccable condition. The engine is in running order. The automobile was the centerpiece to Young’s One Man Exhibition entitled Paper & Metal which took place March 1997 at The Museum of New Arts, Ft. Lauderdale, FL and Boca Raton Museum of Art Retrospective, 2005